Florist Flowers: What Is a Freesia-Like Flower?

Freesias are known for their bunched, tubular blooms.

Freesias share many characteristics with other flowers. While no one flower shares all the characteristics of a freesia, many flowers can be substituted for specific characteristics when freesias are unavailable.


Because of their powerful scent, any flower similar to a freesia must also have a powerful scent. In this aspect, roses would be considered freesia-like.


Freesias have a cluster of tubular blooms on a foliage-free stem. Many flowers grown from bulbs, such as amaryllis, also have a foliage-free stem with a cluster of tubular blooms.


Freesias come in multiple colors from blue to bright orange. A freesia-like flower must also have a variety of colors, such as a tulip.

Vase Life

A freesia-like flower must have a long vase life. Some flowers that are freesia-like in this aspect are cala lilies, stargazer and Asian lilies, and Gerbera daisies.

Blooming Period

Freesias have a long bloom period from late spring until early fall. Most bulbs also bloom during the summer. A freesia-like flower in this aspect could be a daffodil.