Dangerous Ingestion of a Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner contains ammonia, which is poisonous.

The chief health hazard of using standard glass cleaner comes from inhaling the mist from the bottle or from getting the mist in your eyes. If glass cleaner is ingested, it can pose a serious health risk.


Household glass cleaners contain chemicals including ammonia and isopropanol, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Ammonia is a powerful chemical cleaner that is diluted for household use. It is also poisonous.


If a person ingests glass cleaner, she will be ingesting poisonous ammonia. She could experience health symptoms like drowsiness or could fall unconscious. In severe cases, ingesting ammonia could cause death. If someone swallows glass cleaner, give her water or milk to drink to dilute the chemical and contact your poison control center immediately.


It is important to keep glass cleaner out of the reach of children and to understand that it is dangerous. A nontoxic alternative glass cleaning solution can be created by mixing vinegar and water, according to the New York City Department of Sanitation.