How Much Area Will One Pound of Grass Seed Cover?

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Purchase the correct amount of grass seed for planting a new lawn

One pound of grass seed can cover a large area, but the size of the coverage area will depend on what type of grass seed you use. You can choose from warm weather, cold weather, and specialty grass seed.


Southern Region Grasses

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One pound of southern grass seeds such as buffalo and Bermuda grass will cover a 325-square-foot area.

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Northern Region Grasses

One pound of creeping red and fine fescue will cover 200 square feet, and one pound of Kentucky grass seed also will cover 200 square feet. A pound of ryegrass or turf grass will cover 100 square feet.

Miscellaneous Grass Seed

A pound of St. Augustine grass seed will cover 200 square feet, while a pound of dichondra grass will cover 500 square feet. A large 3,200 square feet can be covered with one pound of centipede grass, while an area of only 100 square feet can be covered with one pound of Bahia grass seed.


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