What Are 50 Percent Construction Drawings?

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Construction drawings are the plans used to design a house or other structure. There are different phases to the design process, including conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documents. Construction drawings can sometimes be broken up into different phases or checkpoints.


Commonly Called CDs

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Construction drawings are commonly called 'Construction Documents' and the term is often abbreviated to CDs.

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What are CDs?

Construction drawings are the graphic instructions used on site for building the project. Several drawings make up a set and include information such as floor plans, sections and details.



The term "50 percent CDs" refers to a common checkpoint or milestone for a project. it means that the construction drawings are 50 percent complete. Typically, this is a hard-deadline that architects work toward.


Level of Information

Most general information will be included in a set of construction documents that are at 50 percent completion. The design should be nailed down by this point.

Last-Minute Changes

Everyone would prefer the design and drawings to be set in stone at 50 percent completion of CDs, but sometimes changes are inevitable.



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