What Is Goose Liver Sandwich Meat?

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A slice of foie gras on a cutting board with garnish.
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Goose liver, a delicacy called foie gras, is the fatty liver of a goose. A widely consumed meat in Europe, goose liver is sold in cans in the U.S. Find the cans in gourmet shops or buy them online.


Canned Goose Liver

Goose liver sandwich meat, labeled as foie gras, is made from canned goose liver. The liver comes from geese that are force-fed a diet of crushed corn grains to make their liver fatty and flavorful. After the liver is harvested, it can be canned while raw or poached -- boiled -- and prepared using different methods that alter its texture and flavor.


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Making a Sandwich

To make a goose liver sandwich, remove the liver from the can and place it onto a clean cutting board. Cut off any fat with a warm, sharp knife. Carefully cut the liver into thin slices. If you are having problems cutting whole slices with a knife, use unflavored dental floss by holding both ends of a strand tightly between your hands and slicing the liver downward. Butter one side of two pieces of bread. Using one to two thin slices of goose liver for each sandwich, place the slices on one piece of bread, on the butter side, and cover with the other bread slice. Trim the crust and cut the sandwiches into four squares or stamp out different shapes with a sharp cookie or biscuit cutter. Serve immediately.



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