Types of Air Fresheners

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When the home smells nice and fresh, it makes the entire environment cleaner and more welcomed. Air fresheners are very popular because of this reason. They are also handy for getting rid of odors that are trapped in fabrics and carpet. Many people who smoke or have pets rely on air fresheners to remove left behind odors from the home. There are several types of air fresheners, with manufacturers constantly coming out with new concepts to entice the average consumer.



The most common type of air freshener comes in spray form. These air fresheners are made to cover up odors, neutralize orders or to simply sanitize the room.

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Plug-ins were first introduced by Glade and then adopted by many other companies. They plug into an electrical socket and sends out a constant wave of fragrant scents.



Gels are jelly-like substance that contains a certain scent. As the hair hits the gel, a fragrance is released into the environment


Potpourri is still a preferred way to freshen the home from people who are worried about environmental and health concerns made by using sprays and plug-ins. Potpourri is a variety of dried fragrant materials.


Scented Candles

The industry of scented candles has come a long way to include hundreds of different fragrances. As the perfumed wax melts, a scent is released into the atmosphere.

Other Types

Manufacturers are producing new products to freshen the air. Fabreze's ScentStories is an innovative product that freshen the air by using scent discs that plays in a player.


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