Home Remedies for Removing Glue From Glass

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Removing glue from glass is not difficult. Using common items found in almost every home, you can easily remove glue from any glass surface. There are just a few steps to follow. Glue can be safely removed from even the most delicate glassware, china and crystal. These scratch-free, safe methods will keep all glass looking new.



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Many people think that glue must be scraped off glass. This is not true. Scraping glass runs the risk of scratching.

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The Oil Method

Saturate the glue with olive oil. Let it sit for a minute or two. Rub glue off with a lint-free cloth. Clean with a glass cleaner. This method is safe for all glassware and mirrors.

Soap-and-Water Method

Soaking glassware in hot, soapy water will remove water-soluble glue. Fill a sink with hot water and add dish soap. Let the glass soak for 1 hour. Rinse and dry.

Rubbing Alcohol Method

Pour rubbing alcohol onto a lint-free cloth. Saturate the glue with the alcohol. Let stand for 2 to 3 seconds and rub off the glue.


Crazy Glue Requires Special Treatment

To remove crazy glue, use acetone-based nail polish remover. Pour the nail polish remover onto a clean, lin- free cloth. Rub over the glue until it dissolves.



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