What Is Political Art?

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Political art has been a part of the social landscape of the world for centuries. Art has always been used as a way to reflect society and shed light on issues of the day. Political art has been around from the beginning of United States history, reflected in such iconic images as the donkey representing the Democratic party. Today, "The New Yorker" magazine has gained fame for its political art.


Sociopolitical Art

Sociopolitical art is used to help the public understand a particular social or political issue. The art is used as a tool to elucidate current political and social concerns.

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Artists’ Roles

Artists present particular points of view in their creative pieces even if they are not their particular political leanings. The art is their interpretation of the social climate.



Although artists may create pieces that don't necessarily present their political leanings, political art can be used as propaganda to support a particular cause. During World War II, the United States and the Nazi regime used propaganda to garner support from their citizens.



Political art has also been used by citizens as a form of protest against totalitarian governments or as a way to let politicians know that they are unhappy with the way they are dealing with certain issues. In the 1980s, posters were created by AIDS activists who wanted to let the U.S. government know how dissatisfied they were.



Political issues are often serious in nature; however, political art has a way of helping the citizens of the country see some of the humor of the fighting by creating visual satire.


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