Should Pergo Laminate Flooring Be Used in Bathrooms?

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Laminate looks beautiful, but will it endure the bathroom's watery conditions?

Laminate Doesn't Tolerate Wet Conditions

Pergo laminate flooring is a highly durable and beautiful flooring product. Laminate consists of tiny pressed wood particles bonded with glue. Laminate floors in wet environments may swell, buckle and warp out of place.


Pergo is Different

According to Pergo, you can install its Pergo brand laminate flooring in bathrooms under certain conditions. Water or other moisture can never get underneath the laminate flooring. All expansion gaps and opening for pipes must be treated with waterproof sealant. You cannot allow water to sit on the surface of the flooring for longer than 30 minutes.


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Bottom Line

You can install Pergo laminate flooring in a bathroom. Realize that laminate flooring will require more care and maintenance than vinyl flooring. If you install the Pergo flooring according to manufacturer specifications and can maintain a careful water-free environment for your bathroom floor, install the Pergo flooring.



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