How Often Should I Water Citrus Trees in Arizona?

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Infrequent Watering

Citrus trees require large amounts of water, especially in the summer months. However, they should not be watered every day. Instead, water with large amounts of water infrequently: about once every five to seven days in the summer and once every 10 days in the fall and spring. In the winter, water trees younger than two years every two weeks, but reduce this to once every three weeks in the third year and beyond.


Frequent Watering

During the first few months after planting, your citrus trees should be watered every three to five days. You may be inclined to continue with this frequency of watering, but the problem with frequent, shallow watering is that it will not penetrate into the deeper root structure of the Citrus. In addition, salt can build up on the top level of soil if you have a problem with the salinity of your water.

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Bottom Line

Restrain yourself from watering your citrus tree too frequently, except in the first few months after planting. Stick to a weekly watering schedule in the summer, water once every 10 days in autumn and spring, and in the winter don't water more than once every three weeks. When you water, water deeply. Flood the ground, and use even more water if your tree is planted in grass.