What Is Poster Paper?

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Printing pictures such as this one on poster paper, will come out clear and precise as in this photo.

As work-based presentations and school projects become more competitive, you will have to think of new creative ways to present your work. At one point using laminated sheets on an overhead projector was considered outstanding, but the machines would break down, the focus wouldn't be clear enough and it was impossible to showcase any kind of art. PC presentations came after, but they had viruses, spy ware and un-foreseen glitches, work would either get lost, corrupted or freeze during presenting. Although these methods are still in practice, people have come up with the most fool-proof way of presenting their work; by using poster paper.



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Poster paper is a glossy type paper that comes in all sizes and shapes. Unlike other types of paper, poster paper is water proof and does not crinkle up when wet or when glue is applied. Poster paper is a little thicker than normal paper or construction paper, but is more durable.

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Even though poster paper sold in conventional stores is normally about 1 meter by 1 meter, you can order poster paper by the roll online, or in some specialty office supply stores. Poster paper in most supply stores is mainly white, although you can find it in a several other colors in certain arts and craft stores.



Poster paper has many uses for business and school. In school, poster paper is used to make banners or signs for school functions. Also in art class, students use poster paper to create movie posters and highly pixilated photo prints. For business, poster paper is used for presentations and orientation material.


Special Information

A new type of poster paper is made in a shade called "brilliant white" that comes with its own benefits. This paper is 100 percent recyclable, it is used for detailed, high quality prints and it is completely water proof. This poster paper is recommended for outdoor uses, since it can stay perfectly intact unlamented for up to six months. This paper also dries fast after full-color printing, which allows for tight deadlines or last minute projects. This paper weighs about 130 grams and is 5.8 mm thick.


Printing on Poster Paper

If you are using a large sheet of poster paper for your project or presentation, you will have to save your presentation on SD card, CD-ROM or a memory stick. Bring this file to a print shop along with the poster paper to have it printed. You can purchase a printer that will print on poster paper, but most home-based printers can only print on standard letter sized poster paper.



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