Types of Bathtub Drain Plugs

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What stopper is right for you?

Bathtub drain plugs are normally circular objects that stop water from leaving the bathtub. By studying the different types of bathtub drain stoppers, you can pick what will work best for your bathtub. Due to the diameter being different in each drain, you will have to make sure that the stopper you pick will fit correctly. You can find these bathtubs drain stoppers at a retail store or through the bathtub manufacturer.


Toggle Drain Stopper

Just flip it!

A toggle drain stopper, or flip-it drain stopper, is made from stainless steel and is permanently installed into the bathtub. This stopper is attached to a toggle switch that can be flipped to the right side to the left side to seal in and release the water.


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Rubber Drain Stopper

Rubber drain stoppers are pretty basic.

A rubber drain stopper comes in a variety of sizes that can range from 1 inch to 5 inches in diameter and is portable. The rubber drain stopper normally comes with pull chains or rubber grips. If you choose this type, make sure you store the rubber stopper flat or it will lose its shape and allow water to pass the seal.


Plunger Drain Stopper

A plunger drain stopper is connected inside the bathtub. There is a plunger that slides up and down the inside of the pipe to control the water drainage. Normally there is a lever by the overflow drain that you can flip down to keep the water in the bathtub.


Threaded Drain Stopper

The threaded drain stopper is made from either metal or aluminum and screws into the bathtub drain via a threaded extension. With these types of drain stoppers you must have a specific bathtub designed with the correct threading. One downfall to this contraption is the difficulties of screwing the device tightly enough, which can lead to water leaking.


Leaver Drain Stopper

Some bathtubs are designed with a reciprocal lever mechanism that are semi-permanent. These bathtubs have what is called a lever drain stopper. This drain stopper is attached to a handle on the bathtub that you can use to stop water from draining out of the bathtub. When you pull this handle, the stopper will be lowered into the drain. When it is pushed the stopper will be raised, releasing the water.



Snug Plug

Another type of drain stopper is called the snug plug. What is different about this drain stopper is that it eliminates the need for a chain or awkward handles. However, the downfall is that the diameter for this item is 1 1/2 inch, which makes it usable only if you have this size drain.


Pop-up stoppers are easy to use.

A pop-up drain stopper is built into the bathtub. These stoppers work by being connected to a knob that is actually the head of a lift rod, which is connected to a clevis. If you push the knob and the lift rod down it will send the pivot rod up, causing the water to be blocked from escaping. This is normally simple to use.


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