What Do the Colors of Ribbon Symbolize on Lucky Bamboo?

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Colored ribbons on lucky bamboo have various meanings.

Lucky bamboo is a traditional Feng Shui cure used to teach a person strength and wisdom. Since the bamboo is hollow, it represents how to be open on the inside so the spirit can flow freely. Lucky bamboo traditionally comes in arrangements to celebrate the five essential parts of Feng Shui: earth, wood, water, metal and fire. When different colored ribbons are added, they add a variety of other meanings to the arrangement.


White Ribbon

White ribbons worked into a lucky bamboo arrangement represent confidence and purity. They can be especially beneficial when combined with purple for purity in spirituality.

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Red Ribbon

The element of fire is representative of fame and reputation in Feng Shui. It is one of the essential elements to a balanced Feng Shui arrangement. Fire can be represented by red, pink or maroon ribbons. A typical Feng Shui arrangement will have the color red represented, but this does not mean other colors cannot be added.


Blue Ribbon

The gift of wisdom in lucky bamboo arrangements is often represented by the color blue, particularly navy blue. Blue ribbons offer wishes for calmness, serenity, healing and relaxation.


Purple Ribbon

The color purple in a lucky bamboo arrangement symbolizes spiritual awareness and mental healing. Having this color as part of an arrangement offers hope for an individual going through a rough emotional patch in their lives.


Orange Ribbon

Orange ribbons added to a lucky bamboo arrangement represents concentration. Putting an orange ribbon on the lucky bamboo also helps encourage a person’s creativity.

Yellow Ribbon

When a lucky bamboo arrangement is meant to show cheerfulness and kind intentions or friendship toward someone, the color yellow is included as part of the arrangement.


Pink Ribbon

Romance can be represented in a lucky bamboo arrangement with the color pink. When pink is combined with red, it makes a very fiery, romantic statement.


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