Who Builds Craftsman Riding Mowers?

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Craftsman, a brand created by the retail store Sears, does not build their own tractors. Instead, other companies place bids every three years to see who will build the new line of tractors. Currently, multiple companies build tractors for Craftsman.

Craftsman LT Series

MTD builds the Craftsman gray, low-end line of tractors called lawn tractors. They are distinguishable from the other Craftsman tractors by their large, plastic hood scoop.


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Craftsman Professional Tractors

The Craftsman Professional tractor series is also built by MTD. Just like the yard tractors, they also have a plastic hood scoop.

Craftsman YT Series

Husqvarna makes all of the red yard tractors. Their hoods are all metal, which makes them stand out when they are compared to the MTD tractors.


Craftsman Garden Tractors

Currently, Craftsman has only one style of garden tractor, the Excellerator. They are made by Husqvarna and have a metal hood like the other Husqvarna-made Craftsman tractors.

Zero Turn Tractors

The heavy machinery company Bobcat builds all of the Craftsman zero turn tractors.


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