Weight Loss Party Ideas

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Losing weight is certainly a cause for celebration, especially when a group of friends are working together to exercise and eat nutritiously to improve their health and drop the pounds. Friends may come together and decide to throw a weight loss party once the members of the group have lost a certain amount of weight or achieved their overall weight loss goals. For those who have never thrown or attended a weight loss party, party planning may prove a little difficult, but there are plenty of simple weight loss party ideas to help make the festive occasion a huge success.


Food and Drink

Serving healthy foods at a weight loss party is a must. After all, guests have worked extremely hard to lose weight, so they don't need to have fatty foods sabotage their efforts at their own weight loss party. Weight loss party ideas when it comes to the party menu include serving foods buffet style so that guests only feel the need to eat what they themselves have put on their plate. Simple, healthy foods to include in a weight loss party buffet include finger foods like a fruit tray, low fat cheeses and whole wheat crackers, vegetables and low-fat dips, mini-veggie or chicken burgers, turkey meatballs and spring rolls.


Video of the Day

Alcohol can wreak havoc on a diet, so if alcohol is to be served at a weight loss party it should be limited to champagne, wine or light beer. Other weight loss party ideas for drinks include unsweetened tea, club soda, diet soft drinks and low-calorie fruit beverages.


While decorations for a weight loss party can be similar to those for other parties--including balloons, streamers and ribbons--the host may wish to put a special twist on the decorations for the occasion. A great motivation booster for party guests that could also serve as decorations is to frame "Before" and "After" pictures of all of the party guests working so hard to lose weight. Another unique weight loss party idea for decorations is to make motivational banners with phrases like "You can do it" and "No pain, no gain" and hang them in the party room.



For entertainment during a weight loss party hosts can play lively music and leave room for a dance floor so that guests feel free to dance and stay active throughout the course of the party. Other weight loss party ideas for activities include trivia games featuring health and fitness-related questions, charades and races or sports games.



Hosts who choose to give out favors at a weight loss party may opt to purchase favors that either commemorate the weight loss accomplishments made by the guests or motivate guests to continue their healthy lifestyles. For instance, appropriate weight loss party ideas for favors include food diaries or exercise logs, pedometers, healthy snacks and gold medals or trophies.



Weight loss parties, when used as a way to congratulate all the hard work guests are doing to reach their healthy lifestyle goals, are a perfect way to motivate people trying their best to change for the better. Oftentimes dieting can be very difficult, with the light at the end of the tunnel seeming a long way off, but weight loss parties help to make goals seem more attainable and help bind those with similar goals together.


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