8 Easter Egg Decorating Kits That Are to Dye For

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It's not Easter without egg decorating. Whether you prefer to dye or paint your eggs, this Easter tradition is a fun way to celebrate the Easter holiday, craft style—and it's not just for kids. With so many different Easter egg decorating kits with different styles and crafting techniques available, adults can get in on the fun and create a beautiful spring display for the Easter table spread, or incorporate the decorated eggs in their home decor for a fun and festive look.


If you're on the ‌hunt‌ (pun intended) for the best Easter egg decorating kits for Easter basket ideas or Easter activities, we've got you covered with a variety of options, including more traditional egg-dying kits as well as options that don't require hardboiled eggs (after all, we are experiencing an egg shortage). Here are our top picks for DIY Easter egg decorating kits.


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What to Consider When Shopping for Egg Decorating Kits

Kit Type:‌ The first thing to consider when shopping for Easter egg decorating kits is the kit type. Traditionally, Easter egg decorating involves dipping hardboiled eggs in different color dyes to get a colorful spring palette. However, you don't have to use hardboiled eggs, as there are so many different egg options out there, including wooden eggs, felted eggs, and even edible chocolate eggs like the ones created with the Favorite Day Easter Smashable Egg DIY Kit from Target. Before shopping for an Easter egg kit, consider the type of craft you wish to create to help you narrow down your search.


Colors and Style:‌ In addition to the craft kit type, it also helps to think about the colors and style, especially if you plan to decorate with the finished product. Consider how the colors, designs and decoration techniques will look with your home decor or the aesthetic of your Easter baskets.


Skill Level:‌ Most traditional Easter egg decorating kits are straightforward and beginner-friendly. However, some more elevated craft kit options such as the Woolly Pets Easter Eggs Needle Felting Kit require additional experience in felting or other crafting mediums. When shopping for an Easter egg decorating kit, consider the type of project you wish to take on, as you could go the more traditional dye route or opt for something with a unique decorating twist, such as dying with silk, painting with acrylic paint, or using wax for an embossed egg decor style.


Additional Supplies:‌ Another thing to keep in mind is any additional craft supplies needed for your project. For the most part, the egg decorating kits should come with everything you need to complete the project, however, it might call for use of a hot glue gun, egg dipper or the need for additional paint brushes. And, if you're dying your eggs, you might want additional cups to make custom dye mixtures in. Also, consider the supplies needed to keep your space clean, as egg decorating can get messy (especially if dye is involved). A silicone craft mat is an excellent investment for a project like this because it's easy to clean and protects the surfaces underneath it.



Display Options:‌ While it's not required, thinking about how you will display your Easter eggs is helpful, as you might need additional supplies to do so. When using your eggs as Easter decorations, you could make a beautiful basket centerpiece for the table using woven baskets from the craft supply store or thrifted options and moss. Or, you could create a hanging display in your window with colorful macrame egg holders. If you go for painted wooden eggs, you could hot glue them onto a wreath form and create a cheerful spring wreath to match your home decor, too. If your craft kit doesn't involve a real egg, another cute idea is to place it in an egg cup and wrap it in cellophane as a fun way to say 'Happy Easter' to loved ones.


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1. thejunebride Silk Dyed Easter Egg Kit

This stunning egg decorating kit puts a fun twist on egg dying with the use of silk. The kit comes with recycled silk scraps in gorgeous colors and patterns, step-by-step printing instructions, twist ties, and white cloth to create these gorgeous eggs—you'll just need to supply the white eggs, white vinegar, pot and tongs to create the finished product. We love this one because you not only create some of the most unique Easter eggs, but you can also reuse the silk scraps to make up to three dozen eggs. And, if you want more silks, you can purchase an additional 12 silk scraps separately.


2. WoollyPets Easter Eggs Needle Felting Kit

If you're looking for an Easter egg decorating kit that doesn't involve actual eggs, this craft project is a must-try. The Woolly Pets Easter eggs Needle Felting Kit on Etsy is a fantastic beginner-friendly felting kit that teaches you how to create and decorate an Easter egg with felt. It's adorable, fun and something you'll have for years and years, too. The kit includes a styrofoam egg and a variety of wool colors along with needles and a tutorial that teaches you how to make felted eggs in three to five hours. And, if you wish to add to your collection, you can also try the felted Easter bunny kit to go along with it.


3. Tasha McKelvey Paint-At-Home Wooden Egg Kit

We love decorating wooden Easter eggs because they last for years and are incredibly versatile when used for home decoration. Whether you want to create a centerpiece for the Easter table or a spring-inspired wreath, the Tasha McKelvey Paint-At-Home Wooden Egg Kit on Etsy is a fantastic choice for a wooden egg decorating kit. This kit comes with six unfinished wooden eggs, an acrylic paint set, paint brushes, tools for creating designs, sandpaper, a clear coat for sealing the eggs, and a sheet filled with tips and tricks for painting. It's fun for all ages and would be an excellent activity for the whole family at Easter.

4. Max Fun White Blank Easter Eggs Ornaments Kit

For those who love to decorate eggs for an Easter egg hunt, but don't want to use real eggs, this kit from Amazon is the best option. The Max Fun White Blank Easter Eggs Ornaments Kit comes with 50 plastic Easter eggs, plus markers, paints and brushes to decorate. Each egg comes with a string attached so you could also use them to decorate a tree or snip the strings off for an Easter egg hunt. With a price tag of around $16, this Easter egg decorating kit is one of the most budget-friendly, too, especially considering how many eggs you get in the kit.

5. EggstrArt Egg Decorating Kit for Drop Pull Wax Embossed Eggs

The EggstrArt Egg Decorating Kit for Drop Pull Wax Embossed Eggs teaches you how to create egg decorations using a timeless technique and Slavic tradition. It comes with a wax melting stove, pinhead styluses, six different colored waxes, and lots of helpful insight and design ideas, along with three plastic eggs that you can practice on before using hardboiled.

6. R.J. Rabbit Galaxy Egg Easter Egg Dye Kit

If you prefer an Easter egg coloring kit with dye, this galaxy-inspired one is a must-try. Fun for kids and adults alike, the tie-dye egg kit comes with everything you need to transform a dozen eggs into glistening galaxy masterpieces, including three different food-safe colored liquid dyes, coloring bags, rub-on sticker sheets, and 12 egg stands so you can display them once finished. We love it because you can also add unique touches with a white crayon to make your own egg-shaped personal galaxies.


7. Ink and Trinket Kids Easter Craft Kit

For a fun and creative spin on egg decorating, consider the Ink and Trinket Kids Easter Craft Kit, which comes with everything you need to create painted wooden eggs in the shapes of animals. The kit comes with four wooden eggs, felt, fabric glue, Easter egg paint and paint brushes, plus instructions on how to create adorable eggs inspired by a skunk, porcupine, fox and raccoon. The best part is that they will last for years, so you can easily decorate with them!

8. Favorite Day Easter Smashable Egg DIY Kit

Smashable chocolate is ultra-trendy right now. Whether you're looking to create a fun and interactive dessert for Easter or edible Easter party favors, the Favorite Day Easter Smashable Egg DIY Kit is a fantastic way to try the trend. The kit comes with everything you need to create six smashable eggs, including a silicone mold, melting wafers, sprinkles and icing. The best part? Once you learn how to make them, you can reuse the mold to create more.


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