How to Make Moon Water (and Why!)

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We know what you're thinking: moon water? Like water that's on the moon? Well, not exactly. Moon water is water that's said to be charged with the energy of the moon. Throughout history, moon rituals have been common, and people of all cultures have had some level of reverence or storytelling surrounding the moon (Man in the Moon, anyone?). Though moon water doesn't date back quite as far as ancient Greece and Rome, it is believed that people have been leaving water outdoors at night so it can soak up moonlight – and thus the energy of the moon – since the 1800s.


Out there? Maybe. But given that the moon controls the ocean tides and that humans are nearly 60 percent water, one could understand the belief that there is a deep connection between our bodies and our planet's satellite. Does that mean moonlight actually imbues water with vibes that can be transferred to those who use it? Well, that's up for debate. A mixed body of research suggests that the full moon may impact people's state of mind and sleep patterns, but there are no studies to prove the power of using moon water – at least not yet. That said, users may experience a placebo effect, which science does show to be a powerful physical and psychological force.

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So, if you're interested in moon water or simply curious, how do you actually make it? Here's what you need to know about stirring up a bottle of the lunar liquid during any phase of the moon.

The Best Times to Make Moon Water

Most people make moon water during a time when the moon's light is brightest, such as a full moon, when the moon is fully illuminated, or a super moon, when a full moon is closest to Earth. Not only is the moon's energy believed to be more potent at these times, according to Jenilee Dowling, MSW, a spiritual healer, energy intuitive and astrologer, but these moons are associated with release. "I use full moon water whenever I need to shed negative energy or let go of something that isn't serving me," she says.


New moons, which symbolize a fresh start, are also a good time to make moon water, Dowling says. "Then I know it's going to help me embrace something new and really move forward."

Full moon? Super moon? Eclipse? It all matters when it comes to making moon water!
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It may also be helpful to use the zodiac to determine the best time to mix up a batch of moon water, advises reiki practitioner Virginia Castigline. For instance, a moon with the Taurus zodiac sign is thought to attract wealth, and a Gemini moon may give you an intellectual and communicative boost.


As for the best time of day to make moon water? "Nightfall, when the moon is out, and leave moon water out when you are sleeping," says Adama Sesay, professional astrologer and founder of Lilith Astrology. She's been stirring up moon water for 10 years and says it allows her to embody her intentions and empower the future she wants to create. She notes, "Time is a construct – I don't place moon water out at a specific time, just when it's dark and I intuitively feel it's a good time."



What's the only time you really want to avoid making moon water? It's during a lunar eclipse, when Earth blocks the light of the moon and changes its energy. "These events are associated with negative and chaotic energy," Castigline says.

In other words, lay low on the moon water during those lunar events!



Making moon water during these lunar phases and moon phases may help you...

New moon:​ Embrace positive energy

Full moon:​ Release negative energy

Super moon:​ Release negative energy in a more potent way

Waxing moon:​ Increase personal strength, improve health, boost creativity

Waning moon:​ Attract good luck, love, and protection

How to Make Moon Water

First, consider your container. You don't want to use any old mug or cup. A glass jar will better let in the moonlight, and it's more natural than plastic. "I'm a big fan of using bottles made of natural materials, like glass or ceramic, as opposed to plastic because of purity reasons," explains Sesay.


You'll also want to think about the type of water you use. Some people collect rainwater or source their H2O from a local body of water, but distilled or tap water is more common for health reasons. If you plan on drinking your moon water, be sure to use only drinkable water and to also cap the container. Rest assured, this will only keep dust and contaminants (hello, bugs!) out. It won't actually prevent the moon's energy from doing its thing.



Get Intentional:​ Tie your moon water to your intentions, suggests Ashley Cramer, a lunar astrologist and founder of the Lunar Alignment mobile app. “I like to write my specific intentions for a month on a piece of paper,” she says. “Then, I place the paper under the container of moon water. That way, as the water soaks up the moon’s energy, the water is also infused with my intentions.”

Where to Place Moon Water

After you've filled a glass, cup or container with water, set it where the light of the moon can reach it – a porch, balcony, driveway, windowsill, you name it. "Place it where the moon is visible and can shine on the water," Sesay says.

As for retrieving charged moon water, some believe it's best to get it first thing in the morning. Others argue that the sun won't tamper with the water, so morning is fine too. "The moon's energy is always present, and the sunlight will have no damaging effects," says Tenae Stewart, a certified astrologer and author of "The Modern Witch's Guide to Magickal Self-Care."


What Can You Use Moon Water For?

You can use moon water to make your own spritzes and soaks or even use it in the garden, experts say.
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The answer: It's totally up to you. According to expert Angel Dawn, a psychic astrologer, moon water can be used for spiritual, therapeutic and physical uses. Many people drink their moon water, using it for coffee or tea in order to more fully absorb lunar energy. Again, just be sure to use drinkable water if you want to go that route.

But if you're not super comfy with that, try one of these other creative uses:

  • Watering plants and flowers
  • Putting it in a spray bottle and using it as a facial mist for your beauty routine
  • Dabbing cotton pads in moon water and cleansing writing instruments before journaling
  • Mixing it with watercolors for an art project
  • Turning it into a foot soak with a dash of Epsom salt
  • A 50/50 mix with vinegar (we also like adding orange and lemon peels, rosemary, lavender or essential oils) to create a cleansing spritz for the home

One Last Note About Moon Water...

Whether you think moon water is amazing or a bit too woo-woo, it all boils down to setting intention.

"When you put the time, energy and effort into making moon water and you attach it to an intention, you're saying to yourself that you're committed to that intention," says energy healer and spiritual advisor Alane Hathaway. "Even if you believe moon water is silly and doesn't have any energetic significance, the act of making it is taking inspired action and showing commitment to your goals."


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