How to DIY Backyard String Lights Just in Time for Summer

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Turning your backyard into your family or friend group's official summer hangout spot doesn't require months of renovation. Actually, all you need are a few planter pots, some string lights, a grassy lawn, and a free weekend to create a backyard worthy of cookouts, outdoor game nights, and more.


Watch the video below for the step-by-step instructions on DIY-ing your own backyard string light setup, and to make sure your yard itself is guest-ready, head to the Weeding Wisely site for expert lawn-care advice and the Roundup® Brand Products that'll kill weeds, but won't harm your lawn*.

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Things You'll Need

1. Clear out dandelions

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Start prepping your backyard space several weeks ahead of time with Roundup® For Lawns1 Ready-to-Use, which kills 250+ weeds* (like dandelions!) without harming the grass. Give your lawn a spray and you'll have a weed-free space in just a few weeks.


*See inside booklet for weed list.

2. Pour concrete mix into planter pots

Planter pots will act as the bases of your string light posts, so make sure they complement your outdoor aesthetic. Once you've locked in your look, pour an entire 60-pound bag of quick-drying concrete mix into each pot.


3. Add water and mix with wooden pole

Fill each of the pots with 3/4 gallon of water to wet down the dry concrete, grab a wooden pole (or shovel), and start mixing together.

4. Screw in your hooks

Grab your screwdriver and hooks, and start locking them into your posts.


5. Place pole in the middle of the pot

Once the concrete is thoroughly mixed, place a wooden pole in the middle of the pot and ensure it's level.


6. Apply scrap wood brace and let set for 24 hours

Once your post is level, apply a scrap wood brace (if you don't have this, simply use heavy tape), check again if level, and let your mix set for 24 hours. Now all you have to do is hang your bulbs of choice, and start planning out your upcoming backyard summer soirées.


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