10 Things You Didn't Know Club Soda Could Clean

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Carbonated water is all the rage these days, but never forget that club soda has always been here to meet your fizzy-liquid needs. Club soda is basically just water that's had carbon dioxide gas and minerals added to it. Unlike plain water, though, club soda has cleaning properties that make this bar staple a valuable asset in all rooms of the house. When you see how well it works, you might feel downright... bubbly.

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Glass of red wine spilled on white carpet
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Spot Clean Carpet Spills

Why is it that coffee, red wine and other dark liquids always seem to spill on the rug instead of on easy-to-clean surfaces? The next time something messy hits your carpet, first blot it up with paper towels. Sprinkle a little table salt over the spill and pour club soda over that. Let the liquid soak into the carpet for at least 15 minutes, then blot again. The key to making this work is acting quickly after the stain happens!

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Degrease Pots and Pans

Mmmm, dinner was delicious — now if only a waiter would clear your plate and you could go put your feet up. Nope, you have greasy pots and pants to contend with... and that grease isn't going anywhere without a fight. Banish lingering oil slicks by pouring club soda into greasy pots while they're still hot. If pots have cooled, pour in club soda, heat it to a simmer and pour it out.

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Degrease Fabric, Too

Yup, club soda's magic can even extend the life of your favorite sweater. The next time you enjoy a piece of pizza so much that you end up wearing the grease on your clothes, quickly grab some club soda. Treating the greasy spot with club soda should help keep the oil from setting in. This trick won't work for all fabric types, but is a great option for knits.

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Chrome Tap in a kitchen
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Clean Chrome Surfaces

Have a little club soda left at the end of a cocktail party? Don't pour it down the drain — pour it all around your chrome sink and scrub with a soft cloth. Alternately, pour club soda onto a cloth and use it to buff chrome faucets. Obviously club soda won't sanitize a dirty surface, but it will remove some of the gunk clinging there and make the silver shine.

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Rusty bolt
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Eat Away Rust

All those tiny bubbles make quick work of rust. Okay, your favorite cocktail add-in won't make a rusted lock suddenly look like new, but it should help loosen mild rust spots. Pour a little over nails, bolts and screws that are rusted in place and let sit for a few minutes before trying to loosen them. Repeat as necessary.

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Erase Mirror Spots

When you're squinting at your reflection first thing in the morning, it helps if you can actually, you know, see yourself. So if your mirror is fogged with hair spray residue and flecks of toothpaste, give it a quick spritz with fizzy club soda. Let the carbonation break down the stuff clinging to the mirror. Wipe it away and admire yourself in all your glory.

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Bring Shine to Jewelry

Want to discover the world's easiest way to clean grimy jewelry? Drop it in the dregs of your after-dinner drink and wander away until morning. Okay, don't actually do that; go ahead and pour a new cup of club soda in which to submerge your jewelry. Letting them soak in the carbonated liquid should loosen any dirt clinging to your favorite pieces.

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French bulldog.
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Mask Pet Stain Odors

You love your pet, you really do. You just don't love that your little furry friend sometimes uses your carpet as a toilet. Even if you get rid of the urine, the smell lingers. Combat it by scrubbing stained areas with club soda. Let the spot air dry and the odor should dissipate.

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