10 Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Absolutely Love

credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings
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credit: Miaira Jennings Miaira Jennings

Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift that represents your love and appreciation without breaking the bank can be a tough task. Stores are often filled with very generic gifts which simply lack that sentimental factor. Let's face it–nothing quite says "Happy Mother's Day" like a good 'ol handmade gift straight from the heart. This list of DIY gift ideas will certainly put a smile on your mother's face (and keep your wallet happy, too)!

DIY Cement Candles

credit: Maya Marin Maya Marin

Your mom will love lighting up her favorite room with these modern and minimalist cement candles.

DIY Rustic Bath Caddy

credit: Tim and Mary Vidra Tim and Mary Vidra

This rustic bath caddy is the perfect accessory to kick back, relax and soak in style. Plus, it includes a built-in wine holder!

DIY Floral Umbrella Wreath

credit: DIY Floral Umbrella Wreath DIY Floral Umbrella Wreath

Replace a traditional flower bouquet with this vibrant springtime umbrella wreath that will bring new life to her home.

DIY Tile Photo Coasters

credit: Bethany DeVore Bethany DeVore

These handmade coasters are a fantastic way to protect the coffee table while also displaying her most cherished family photos.

DIY Fruit Pin Cushion

credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

These adorable handmade pin cushions will make sewing sessions even sweeter for any seamstress mom.

DIY Wine Glass Holder

credit: Rachel Metz Rachel Metz

This simple and sleek wine glass holder is any wine-loving mother's dream come true.

DIY Garden Kneeling Pad

credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

If she has a green thumb, she will certainly appreciate this DIY garden accessory that will make those mud-stained and achy knees a thing of the past.

DIY Photo Planters

credit: Debbie Williams Debbie Williams

She can showcase her favorite photos, plants and flowers with these inexpensive and fun-to-make homemade planters.

DIY Hand-Knit Blanket

credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

No needles needed to make this warm and cozy handmade gift!

DIY Journals

credit: Beth Huntington Beth Huntington

These custom DIY journals will give her a place to capture her thoughts and ideas, keep up with grocery lists and daily schedules, draw, sketch and more. The possibilities are endless!

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