DIY Indoor Herb Garden

This DIY is the perfect gift for the chef in your life, which may be yourself! This is a beginner level woodworking DIY that doesn't require too many materials or tools, but will leave you feeling like an expert. Let's get started!

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Things You'll Need

  • 3 tin cans

  • 3 herbs of choice

  • 26" x 8" x 3/4" piece of wood (feel free to adjust measurements for your space)

  • Stain or paint of your color choice

  • Sandpaper

  • Spray wood finish sealant

  • Screws, a bit thinner than the thickness of your wood

  • Sharpie

  • Gloves

  • Mask

  • Pliers

  • Power drill

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 1: Stain Your Wood

Start by painting or staining your wood the color that best matches your space.

Stain Materials
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Sand down the piece of wood (I used a 320 grit) and stain or paint.

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Wipe the dust away with a wet cloth and apply the stain once dry.

Wipe Down
(Image: Rachel Metz)
(Image: Rachel Metz)

You also want to treat your wood!

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 2: Make Holes on Bottom of Cans

Use a hammer to push your screwdriver through the bottom of each can, creating four holes on the bottom of each. Twist the screw driver to make the holes a little bit bigger.

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Repeat as much or as little as you'd like for drainage!

Cans with Holes
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 3: Space Out Cans

Space your cans out evenly to match your length of wood.

Lay Out
(Image: Rachel Metz)


If you add a piece of paper towel underneath each can, it will help hold them in place so you can easily adjust positioning.

Paper Towel
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 4: Cut Your Bracket Steel Down

Roll out your steel bracket strips and bend them around the front of your cans, leaving at least one hole space on each side for screws. Be sure to wear gloves since the edges are sharp.

Roll Out
(Image: Rachel Metz)

You want to be gentle and patient. Cut your steel down and repeat for each can.

(Image: Rachel Metz)
Cut Down
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Make a mark in one hole space on each side of each can for the screws.

Make Mark
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 5: Plant Your Herbs

Select your choice of herbs to insert into the cans (I bought these herbs from my local Home Depot)!

Plants 2
(Image: Rachel Metz)
Plants 3
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 6: Screw Brackets In

Place one end of a bracket on your first screw mark you made, then screw it in.

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Ensure the can fits nice and snug before screwing in the other side.

Attach 2
(Image: Rachel Metz)
Attach 3
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Repeat with the remaining cans.

Attach Layout
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 7: Detail Your Cans

Add labels for each herb!

(Image: Rachel Metz)

Add a dab of hot glue and stick to the middle of the can.

Label 2
(Image: Rachel Metz)

Step 8: Add Hanger to Back

Attach a picture frame holder to the back of the wood. Be sure to have the proper hanger on the back for the weight of the project.

Hanging 1
(Image: Rachel Metz)
Hanging 2
(Image: Rachel Metz)

I hope you enjoyed this take on a DIY indoor herb garden. Happy DIY'ing!

Final 2
(Image: Rachel Metz)
Final 3
(Image: Rachel Metz)
Final 4
(Image: Rachel Metz)
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