How to Make a Goku Costume


As the main protagonist of the "Dragon Ball" series, Goku is one of the most popular characters in anime. Due to his heroics and superhuman strength, males of all ages may want to dress up as Goku for Halloween, anime conventions and other events. Goku's appearance remains the same throughout the series, with Goku appearing in bright orange and blue traditional martial arts attire. You can copy this look at home with similar articles of clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark blue T-shirt
  • Orange pants or orange medical scrubs
  • Orange T-shirt, tank top or vest
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Blue cloth or blue karate belt
  • Dark blue wristbands
  • Dark blue boots
  • White cloth
  • Black marker
  • Needle
  • Black thread
  • Black wig
  • Hair gel
  • Hairspray
  • Begin the costume with a dark blue T-shirt as the base.

  • Purchase a pair of baggy orange pants from a local or online retail store. You can also use orange medical scrubs.

  • Find an orange T-shirt, tank top or vest that matches the orange pants. If you are using an orange T-shirt or medical scrubs, cut the sleeves off to create a tank-top-style shirt. Draw a V-neck-style collar onto the T-shirt or scrubs, and cut along the line to create a V-neck.

  • Layer the orange shirt or vest over the blue T-shirt.

  • Create or purchase your own blue karate-style belt. Cut off a long, 2-inch-wide strip from a piece of blue cloth. Wrap the karate belt or strip of cloth around your waist and over the orange shirt. The knot can be tied in either the front or the back.

  • Wear a pair of dark blue wristbands around your wrists.

  • Purchase a pair of dark blue boots from a local or online retail store. Tuck the orange pants into the boots.

  • Print out the Goku kanji symbol from a website such as Deviant Art (see Resources), and practice drawing it on paper. Draw a circle with a 4-inch circumference on the white cloth with the black marker. Use the black marker to draw the kanji symbol in the center of the circle. Cut the circle out of the cloth, making sure you cut around the black circle. Sew the symbol onto the bottom left side of the orange shirt. The symbol rests above the belt.

  • Print out the Muten Roshi kanji symbol from a website such as Deviant Art (see Resources), and practice drawing it on paper. Draw another circle on the white cloth that is large enough to cover the top half of your back. Use the black marker to draw the kanji symbol inside the circle. Cut the circle out of the white cloth. Sew the symbol onto the top half of the back of the orange shirt.

  • Choose a black wig with hair long enough to spike. Use hair gel to shape the wig into spiky points that stand straight up from your head. Spray the spikes with hairspray to hold them in place.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you cannot find blue boots, you can use blue spray paint on an old pair of boots or high-top sneakers. You can also try covering a pair of boots with blue cloth.
  • You do not have to put the kanji symbols on the costume. While Goku wears the symbols during most of the series, he is not always pictured wearing them.

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