How to Make a Yarn Necklace

Looking for an easy craft for your scout troop or a way to amuse the kids on a rainy day? This how to will teach you a couple of methods to make a yarn necklace.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Scissors


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      Of course, the easiest way to make a yarn necklace is to simply cut a piece of yarn and tie the ends together. But that's not much of a challenge so let's try something else.

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      Another way to make a necklace from yarn is to finger crochet it. Basically you do a chain stitch with your fingers instead of a crochet hook. Make a loop in your yarn, leaving about a 6 inch tail. Pull yarn through loop. Continue pulling yarn through the back of the loop. Each time you pull the yarn through the loop, you are making another stitch.

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      When your necklace is the desired length, cut yarn leaving another six inch tail. Pull tail through the front of the loop and tighten it off.

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      You can also braid the yarn to make a necklace. Cut three pieces of yarn four feet long. Tie all 3 strands together with a knot leaving a 6 inch tail. Use something heavy to hold the yarn and begin braiding. Add buttons or beads if you'd like by threading them on the center strand. Push button or bead up to the braided section and begin braiding again.

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      Continue braiding until necklace is the length you want and long enough to slip over your head. Tie off and then tie both ends together with a sturdy knot. Trim ends.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a darning needle to thread the buttons or beads on the strand.
  • Use different kinds of yarns for various looks.
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