How to Fix a Panty Hose Run


Any woman who has ever worn pantyhose has experienced the dreaded run. It will often occur at inconvenient times, and most wearers want a quick fix for it. Unfortunately, runs can’t actually be sewn seamlessly, nor would the amount of time, cost and effort be worth it if they could. However, preventing the run from getting any bigger is certainly a viable alternative.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear nail polish
  • Hair spray
  • Place a couple of drops of clear nail polish on both ends of the run as soon as you spot it.

  • Let the nail polish dry. To keep the stocking from sticking to your skin, gently tug it away from your leg as it dries.

  • Spray the run with hairspray if you don't have clear nail polish. Spritz lightly -- too much product and the nylon can become still.

  • Repeat if necessary. You may have to put more than one coat of nail polish on the pantyhose or spray the area several times with hairspray to keep the run from growing.


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