How to Give a Wood Lathe Baseball Bat a Different Color

How to Give a Wood Lathe Baseball Bat a Different Color thumbnail
Bring out the beauty of any baseball bat with oil stain.

Baseball bats made on a wood lathe can be more than just a functional sports item. They can also be a thing of pride, or art. Most of them are made from the hardest of wood species, such as hickory or ash. They have broad grain patterns that are among the most beautiful of all hardwoods. When a bat comes off of a lathe, it can look benign or even bland with a dull, white color. Bring out the beauty of the grain with penetrating oil stain.

Things You'll Need

  • Sandpaper, 100-grit
  • Cotton cloth (old T-shirt)
  • Penetrating oil stain
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      Wrap a piece of 100-grit sandpaper around the bat with your hand. Palm the sandpaper and sand along the length of the bat. Sand parallel to the grain until the bat is smooth and free from circular lathe scratches.

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      Dip a cotton cloth into an open can of oil stain. Wipe the stain onto the bat with the cloth. Wipe parallel to the grain, moving along the length of the bat until it is completely wet with stain. Allow the stain to remain on the bat for five minutes.

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      Wipe the remaining stain off of the bat with a cotton cloth. Wait one hour and wipe the bat again to remove any stain that resurfaces.

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      Apply another coat of stain if the bat is not dark enough.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can apply more stain anytime you want to give the bat more protection, or to darken the color. You don't need to apply lacquer over oil stain. The oil stain sinks into the pores where it hardens to protect the bat from the elements.

  • You can purchase penetrating oil stain at any home improvement store in almost any color you desire.

  • Wear safety glasses.

  • Wear rubber gloves for easier clean-up and to protect your hands from becoming stained.

  • Apply stain in a well-ventilated room.

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