Do-It-Yourself Sign Holder

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This sign can be attached to the fence.

Whether you need a sign holder to advertise a garage sale or to promote a corporate event, you can create a homemade sign holder for quick and easy display. Use household items to design your sign holder and keep in mind where in the room you want to display your sign. Customize your sign holder using paint or covering with fabric to dress it up.


Wire Sign Holder

Reform a wire hanger to create a stand alone sign holder. This type of tabletop sign holder is perfect for a lightweight 8 ½ by 11 or 5 by 7 cardboard flyer. Use a standard wire clothes hanger and a paperweight to form your holder.


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To create your sign holder, unwind the hanger until it is completely straight. Use one end of the hanger to form your base. Bend the bottom third of the hanger so the hanger forms an L shape. Wind the bottom portion of the L to form a circle. The circle will be the base of your sign holder.


Wind and bend the top portion of the L shape into a small circle that falls in front of the straight line of the L. Your paper sign will sit inside the top circle, against the straight edge of the wire hanger. Position the paperweight on the bottom of the sign holder to provide stability.


Door Hanger Sign Holder

If you want to hang a paper or cardboard sign in front of a door, use a plastic or wire pant hanger with existing clips. Use the clips to hold your sign, then make adjustments to the hook to accommodate where you want to hang it.


If the hanger is wire, simply bend and contort the hook so it hangs on the desired place. If you are working with a plastic hanger, use a small door hanger to accommodate your sign holder.

Artist Easel

Use an artist's easel for an elegant way to display your sign. Artist's easels come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can hold heavier signs. Purchase an easel at a local craft store or even Target or Walmart. Aluminum easels are less expensive than traditional wooden easels and come in both stand-alone and tabletop versions. A tabletop easel is a great way to hold smaller signs to draw attention to items on a table.

Use a self-standing easel to hold a large poster board-sized sign at the front of your business or home.



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