Can I Spray My Floral Arrangement With Glaze?

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Floral arrangements are often used to commemorate some of life's most important moments, including births, marriages and graduations. In addition, an arrangement of flowers contributes its pleasing colors and shapes to any environment. Preserving floral arrangements can prolong their beauty as well as the memories with which they are associated.


Spraying Floral Arrangements with Glaze

Only dried or silk floral arrangements should be sprayed with glaze to preserve them. Spray products termed "flower fixatives," "dried flower preservatives" or "silk flower cleaners," available at craft supply and floral supply stores, are designed to prolong the life and beauty of both dried and silk flowers. Spray glazes help dried flowers retain their colors and prevent breakage and disintegration. When applied to silk flowers, spray glazes keep the silk blooms clean and vibrant. Do not apply a spray glaze to fresh flowers, as it may discolor or otherwise damage them, making them unsuitable for any type of preservation. Instead, allow fresh flowers to dry completely, then spray them with a glaze specially designed for preserving dried flowers.


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Other Ways to Preserve Floral Arrangements

There are numerous ways to preserve a fresh floral arrangement. You can keep the arrangement intact and have it professionally freeze dried, which can preserve the arrangement for up to 10 years. Or, you can place the floral arrangement in an airtight container surrounded by silicone crystals, which are available at craft supply stores. The silicone crystals slowly dry the flowers while allowing them to retain their color and shape. Alternatively, you can spray the flowers with a flower-drying desiccant, which is also available at craft-supply stores. The desiccant works similarly to silicone crystals in that it removes moisture from the flowers. You can also remove the individual flowers from an arrangement and hang them upside down in a cool, dark place to dry for two weeks. Once dried, you can dip the flowers in epoxy resin. The resin dries clear and gives the flowers a permanent, glossy finish.



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