Homemade Bleach Chlorine Weed Killer

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For most homeowners, working in their garden and taking care of their lawn is a stress relief and a way to fill extra daylight hours. No matter how hard you work to keep your lawn and flower beds clear of weeds, these pesky growths will pop out of the soil and spread to other areas rapidly if not stopped. There are many commercial products you can buy at the hardware store to kill weeds but these products can be harmful to your pets and children playing on the grass. Making your own weed killer is less expensive and non-toxic.


Killing Weeds with Chlorine Bleach

Put 1 cup of liquid bleach in full concentration into a large spray bottle and spray it directly on the weed, saturating the root. The weed should be dead in three days, will turn brown. It will eventually deteriorate or you can pull it directly out of the ground by the root. If you accidentally spray bleach on nearby plants or flowers, you can simply rinse them off with water. Bleach is also a good remedy for getting rid of aphids on your plants and flowers and will not harm the growths. Bleach can be sprayed directly on your driveway, and walkways to kill weeds growing from under and between concrete and pavers. This is a much easier process then lifting pavers or digging weeds out of concrete. In a couple of days the weeds will be dead and you can simply lift them out or leave them to eventually deteriorate.


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Caution When Using Bleach

When working with bleach, be careful not to get it on fabrics as it will remove dye and leave white patches. Wear rubber gloves when you work with undiluted bleach as it can cause skin irritation. If you get bleach in your eyes, immediately flush them with cold water as this can be very painful. If the eyes become swollen, contact a physician. Never mix bleach with other household products as this can cause serious skin irritation and can also produce a gas that can make you ill.



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