Borax and Sugar Remedy for Roaches

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A borax and sugar remedy for roaches uses only inexpensive ingredients you may already have on hand. It's very effective, so you don't need to use insecticides in your home. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt commonly used as a laundry detergent booster. It kills roaches if they eat it or if they simply get enough of it on their bodies. Because borax is poisonous to people and animals if swallowed, be sure to keep the remedy away from anywhere pets or small children can reach.


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Why It Works

When a roach eats borax or gets a significant amount of it on its body, the mineral salt destroys its outer shell. This causes the cockroach to die of dehydration. Roaches will eat borax if you mix it with sugar, as they like sweet food.

Pellet Method

To eliminate roaches with borax, you'll also need confectioner's sugar, flour and a little water. Make a little ball of soft dough with these ingredients and then divide it into tiny pellets. Place the pellets in paper cupcake cups and put the cups anywhere roaches may lurk or look for food. You might put them in the back of cupboards, for instance, or in corners of the counter top, as long as these are areas to which pets and kids can't get.


Syrup Method

Another borax and sugar method involves a liquid concoction. You make a simple syrup by combining one part borax, one part granulated sugar and one part hot water in a bowl, then stir until the sugar is dissolved. Pour a small drop of syrup onto a few small pieces of cardboard and set them in the same places you would put pellets.


It might take a few weeks before all the roaches disappear. Replace the pellets or syrup after a month if you see another cockroach, to prevent an infestation. You'll also want to be sure no food or crumbs are left out that may attract roaches. Clean counters and other food areas well, and put food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator. Also, fix leaky faucets and dry the sinks before you go to bed, because roaches are attracted to water.