Homemade Chimney Cleaner

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The fireplace is put to a lot of use during the cold winter months. If it is used constantly the chimney gets very dirty as a result. This is because the smoke from the wood burning in the fireplace escapes through the chimney. The chimney becomes full of soot and if it is not cleaned, it may start falling back into the fireplace. Although it may be a dirty job, cleaning the chimney is not that difficult, as long as you have a good cleaning solution. To save money on cleaning products, you can make your own chimney cleaner.


Detergent, Powdered Pumice and Ammonia Solution

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You can make your own cleaning solution to remove the grease, dirt and the buildup of soot from the chimney as well as the fireplace. To make the chimney cleaner, mix 1 cup of laundry detergent powder with 4 cups of hot water. Add a half pound of powdered pumice and a half cup of ammonia to the solution.

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The chimney cleaner is now ready to use. Apply the cleaning solution to the surfaces of the chimney that you can reach with a brush that has stiff bristles. Scrub the bricks with the soapy solution and rinse afterward. Repeat the process until the chimney is clean and free from soot. Do not forget to place a drop cloth on the fireplace and the area surrounding it to catch the soot that may fall off as you scrub your chimney. This is to make sure that the soot does not spread to every corner of the room where the chimney is. After cleaning the chimney, vacuum the fireplace as well as the room to remove all traces of soot that may have fallen from the chimney.


Vinegar, Baking Soda and Ammonia Solution

To make this chimney cleaner, you need to mix a half cup of vinegar with a cup of clear ammonia. Add a 1/4 cup of baking soda into the solution. Lastly, add a gallon of water.

Apply the solution to the bricks of the chimney with a sponge attached to a long stick or a broom with a long handle. Let the solution soak into the bricks and then wipe off with a clean sponge. Spread an old blanket over the bottom of the fireplace to catch the drips from the chimney cleaner. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when working with this homemade cleaner. This is a strong type of cleaner and may be harmful to your skin. The chimney must be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of blockages that can be a possible fire hazard to your home. In cleaning chimneys, always take safety precautions since you will be working from atop your roof. Make sure that the ladder you are using is securely in place.


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