5 Minute Epoxy Instructions

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The uses for 5 minute epoxy are numerous. You can glue things together that conventional glues cannot begin to hold. It glues virtually anything together. Metal to rock, glass to leather, you can just about name the material and it will hold it there. Like all things, it has its limits, but for holding crafts projects and many other applications, it works great.


How It Works

It comes in several types of containers. The most convenient type is the syringe style. The epoxy (like all epoxies) are a two-part mixture. It has a resin and a hardener. Once the two parts are mixed together, a chemical reaction takes place and it begins to set up, or harden. The manufacturer says not to use this product below 40 or above 200 degrees F, so take that into consideration. It works best between 60 and 80 degrees.


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Preparing Epoxy

The syringe style is self-contained. With a new container, you have a stir stick located between the tubes, and the package has a mixing area. If you bought bottles, just use a stick and mix it on a piece of cardboard. When opening the syringe style, use a pair of pliers or wear gloves because when you pop the caps off, the epoxy has a tendency to come out immediately. If you are using the bottles, the caps come off and you actually have to cut the tubes open with a razorblade knife. Use equal parts of each--the resin and the hardener--and mix them thoroughly. The syringe type automatically administers equal proportions. Squeeze out only as much as you think you can use in 5 minutes because once you mix the two parts, it will be hard in five minutes. The manufacturer recommends mixing the two parts for one minute. Before it gets hard, the mixture will become tacky, and that's your clue to hurry up and use what you have mixed up.


If the surfaces that you are planning to glue together are oily or dirty in any way, you need to clean them. Devcon--the company that makes 5 Minute Epoxy--recommends using cleaning solvents or degreasers. Just know that the cleaner the surface is, the tighter the bond will be.

Applying Epoxy

You can apply it with anything, but a toothpick seems to work very well for accuracy on small areas. If you are applying larger areas, you might want to use a larger piece of wood. Whatever works for you. Apply only as much as you need and let it stand till the epoxy sets up. The 5 Minute Epoxy dries so fast, it's ideal for just about any project.


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