Will Sevin Dust Kill Wasps?

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Although Sevin dust will kill wasps, these insects are an important part of the ecosystem and should be left alone if they are not bothering anyone. Wasps sometimes pose a danger to you and your family. Sevin dust is a hazardous substance and necessary precautions must be taken to avoid poisoning yourself, your children and your pets. Call your local cooperative extension office for easy, inexpensive, non-toxic ways to kill wasps. Follow proper safety protocol both to protect yourself from the wasps and the Sevin dust. Read the warnings on Sevin dust carefully.


Safety Precautions to Kill Wasps

Adhere to the following safety precautions every time you approach wasps. Some species of wasps are aggressive and when provoked will swarm you. When swarms attack, the victim will receive multiple stings if they do not escape. Wear cool weather clothing that covers your entire body. Safety goggles and a basic face mask are added protection. Leave as little exposed skin as possible. Approach the nest only at night or in the morning before sunrise when the wasps are less active. Temperatures 50 degrees Fahrenheit or less are ideal as wasps move slower in cooler temperatures. Plan an escape route to an safety zone in an enclosed area. Clear all items in your path between the wasps nest and the safety zone. Place all pets and children indoors and out of the way. If you must use a flashlight, affix red cellophane over the light to avoid aggravating the wasps.


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Use Sevin Dust to Kill Wasps in Walls

Wasps living in walls can be killed by using Sevin dust and an additional insecticide. The Ohio State University Extension Office offers the following solution: Make a hole in the wall and inject foaming wasp spray using the plastic wand provided. Spray for 30 seconds or less. Then inject Sevin dust. Use an old dishwashing liquid bottle and pour the Sevin dust into it until it is no more than half full. Make a disposable funnel with a piece of newspaper. Insert the squirt top into the hole and squeeze the dust into the wall. "Plug the hole with steel wool and dust the steel wool and surrounding area with Sevin."


Use Sevin Dust to Kill Wasps Underground

Some species of wasps live in the ground and you can use Sevin dust to kill them. Use an old plastic water bottle and cut a hole in the top, the circumference of a drinking straw. Insert two inches of a drinking straw into the hole and leave the remainder above the top, then secure it with duct tape. Fill the bottle half full of Sevin dust using newspaper as a disposable funnel and screw the top on. Quickly insert the straw into the hole and squeeze the bottle as many times as you can in 3 seconds. Swiftly but calmly retreat to your safety zone.



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