Simple Baby Shower Favors You Can Make

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Putting together a baby shower is one of the nicest things a good friend can do for her expectant buddy. After purchasing decorations, ordering a bakery cake and putting together the food and beverages, your budget may have hit a crunch. Still, you'd like to offer a cute favor for your guests as a thank you. Even if you aren't the most creative person in the world you can make simple and inexpensive favors, once you have a few ideas.



Create simple frames from cardboard and picture mats. Make a trip down to your local craft store and purchase small picture mats, chipboard (cardboard for backing) and thematic decorative scrapbook paper. Glue the paper to the outside of the mats, cutting to wrap it around. Take photos of each guest having a good time. Excuse yourself to print out the photos. Put them in the frames. Glue a piece of chipboard to the back of the mat frame. You can also cover the chipboard with decorative paper before attaching it, if you like. Leave the photos by the front door for guests to pick up as they leave. Later, print out the pictures again and make a remembrance photo album for the guest of honor.


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If you have or know someone with a baby, collect baby food jars. After running them through the dishwasher, spray paint the lids. Choose a pastel color, bright color or even gold or silver. There is no end to the items that can be contained within these jars. Make it simple by filling them with small jelly beans, mints or M&M's. Fill them with coffee beans and use double sided tape to attach a biscotti or other wrapped cookie, on top. Put a wick and scented wax in them to make a candle or simply place a votive inside. Tie a thin satin ribbon around the jar, just under the lid, for a completed favor.



Paint small inexpensive clay pots in pastel and white acrylic stripes. It's easy when you mark off the stripes with masking or painter's tape. Pick up small flowering plants (seedlings) at your local nursery or home improvement store. Transplant the seedlings into the pots. If you prefer, you can plant seeds right in the pots a couple of months ahead of time, so they are ready for the shower.



Choose some cute baby fabric and cut out 8 inch circles (in diameter) with pinking shears. Place scrumptious candies in the center inside of the fabric circle. Pull up the sides, over the candy. Bunch the fabric up and tie it closed with a satin ribbon. This can also be done with fabric netting.



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