90th Birthday Party Ideas

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When someone reaches her 90th birthday, it is definitely a reason to celebrate. Not very many people can boast that they have been alive for nine decades. A person who turns 90 has decades of accomplishments and achievements to be proud of. A lot of thought should be involved in planning a 90th birthday celebration.



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Present the birthday celebrant with a scrapbook. Ask family and friends to write down their favorite memories of the senior citizen. Have the remembrances printed on colored paper. Include other mementos or tokens for the scrapbook.

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At the birthday celebration, include a video presentation. This presentation can be done on PowerPoint or by a professional videographer. Organize the presentation chronologically. Have friends and relatives remark about how much the guest of honor means to them. Include songs from each decade of the birthday celebrant's life and a timeline of events that have happened during his lifetime. Add quotes about aging as well. Give a copy of the presentation to the birthday celebrant so he can relive the memories any time.



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A 90th birthday celebration would not be complete without photos. Gather photos of the guest of honor from when she was little to the present day. Ask guests to submit their favorite photos of the nonagenarian. Place the photos on a poster board for everyone to see at the party or assemble the photos in an album to present to the guest of honor.



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A person turning 90 has a lifetime of memories and has seen his share of history. Include a history trivia contest at the bash. In addition to historical context, include trivia about the guest of honor. Include questions about his life and hobbies. Give a prize to the person who answers the most correct questions about the nonagenarian.



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If the 90-year-old has a thick skin and has a sense of humor, have the senior citizen "roasted." To make the roast even more formal, include an emcee. Have people speak about embarrassing moments about the 90-year-old or tell funny stories from the person's life. Have people bring something to the birthday party that is older than 90 years old. This could be something like dirt or a picture of George Washington. Then present the birthday celebrant with items that are older than her.



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