Substitute for Light Cream in Cooking

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Light cream is one of the many of cream produced by milk. Many people do not keep light cream in their kitchen and need a substitute when cooking. When a substitute is needed, the recipe should dictate the best option. Since light cream performs many functions in recipes, substitution becomes a matter of finding another product to do the same task that the light cream would.


Substitution for Whipping

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Light whipping cream must have 30 percent fat in order to hold air whipped into it. When used for whipping, light cream is often whipped as a filler ingredient, but unlike heavy whipping cream it deflates quickly. Rather than light whipping cream, use an equal amount of heavy whipping cream, but only beat it until it thickens or develops soft peaks, as the recipe dictates.

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Other Uses

Light whipping cream's 30 percent fat, and this adds to the texture and flavor of a dish. You can create a light whipping cream substitute to provide similar flavor, fat and body to a recipe by 1 cup half & half or 3/4 cup whole milk with 1/2 stick melted, unsalted butter mixed in. These can be used in most recipes for each 1 cup light whipping cream required. Add one of the substitutes when the recipe calls for the addition of the light whipping cream.


Coffee Cream

Light cream (not whipping) might also be called coffee cream. These can vary in the amount of fat in them from 18 to 30 percent. You will need to make a substitute with a similar level of fat. Each of the following can be used in your recipe per cup of light cream: 3 tbsp. melted, unsalted butter mixed with 7/8 cup whole milk; 1 cup half & half; 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup whole milk; 1/2 cup whole evaporated milk and 1/2 cup whole milk. Follow the recipe and add the substitute when the light cream is needed.



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