Recipe for Coconut Oil Soap

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Coconut Oil Soap

Making hand milled soap is an excellent way to bring health and wellness to your family's bathing. You have total control over the products that go into making homemade soap, so it can contain only natural ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals. Coconut oil and olive oil can be extremely soothing to the skin, and it can be added easily to hand milled soap. Following certain guidelines will ensure that your hand milled soap turns out perfectly.


Heat the Lye and Oils to the Same Degree

In order for the coconut oil soap to congeal correctly and harden into a usable consistency, it is necessary to heat both the oils and the lye water to the same temperature, approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour 16 oz. of water and 7 oz. of lye into a glass measuring cup. Be sure to wear protective goggles and rubber gloves, as lye can be extremely caustic and caution should be taken so that the fumes do not get into the eyes or lungs. Place a glass thermometer into the mixture to measure the temperature. In the meantime, combine 16 oz. of coconut oil, 16 oz. of olive oil, and 16 oz. of palm oil into a stock pot and heat them gradually over medium heat. Place another glass thermometer into the pot. When both mixtures have individually reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit, they will be ready to be combined.


Combine the Mixture until Tracing Occurs

Tracing is a term used to describe when the soap mixture looks like a thick pudding in consistency. Tracing will mark the time when the soap mixture is ready to be poured into the soap molds. Carefully pour the lye mixture into the oil mixture, stirring it constantly with a large spoon. Stir the mixture until the consistency resembles a thick pudding. If you wish to add a fragrance to the soap, do so once the tracing begins.

Cure for at Least 6 Weeks

Curing is necessary in order for the lye in the soap to become assimilated in the soap and usable on the skin. Curing also hardens the soap further and creates a thick, lathery soap. Pour the soap mixture into soap molds. You can use molds that have a patterned shape or a rectangular mold that will allow you to cut individual bars. Place the soap mold in a cool, dark location and leave it there to cure for at least 6 weeks.