Bucket Easter Baskets

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Put some personality into your Easter baskets this year by making your own version of one of these cute and easy animal bucket baskets. They are quick to make, economical, use recycled materials and will delight any child (or adult) looking for treats on Easter morning.

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Furry Bunny

This bunny began its life as an ice cream bucket. Glue a piece of fake fur fabric around the bucket using craft glue. Cut a coat hanger in half and form ears from each end. Cut pieces of fake fur to fit each ear and glue it around the wire ears. Glue these ears to the back of the bucket with hot glue. Add large pom poms for the muzzle and smaller ones for the nose and mouth. Place googly eyes near the nose and wrap the handle with chenille stems.

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Fuzzy Chick

A yellow feather boa glued around a bucket makes a cute fuzzy chick. Wrap the handle with a large orange chenille stem and turn the handle facing forward. Add large googly eyes with hot glue. Cut a square from orange craft foam and fold it diagonally to form a beak. Glue it in place to finish the chick.

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Fluffy Lamb

Cut an oval from a light colored piece of craft foam. Glue it to a large plastic container using craft glue. (This one is a 32 ounce sour cream tub.) Adhere multiple rows of white pom poms or cotton balls using craft glue or a hot glue gun. Stagger the rows so that the coverage is even and the rows don't appear obvious. Cut oval shaped ears from the craft foam and adhere them near the top of the bucket on opposite sides. Twist together two white chenille stems and glue in place for a handle. Add a pink nose and googly eyes to complete your fluffy lamp basket.


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