How to Make Spooky Spider Web Pom Poms

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This project will add a real creep factor to your Halloween festivities. Spiders are as creepy as they come and these nests will have you and your guests' skin crawling. The best part is that they are super easy to make.

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Cutting the Squares

Cut the cheesecloth into squares measuring 4 inches by 4 inches. Speed up this process by folding the cheesecloth several times, then cutting the cheesecloth into strips. Complete the squares by cutting across the long strips.

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Starch the Squares (optional step)

Spray starch on the squares and press them to stiffen the fabric and make them a little easier to handle. Use medium heat so that you do not to scorch the starch with a hot iron.

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Start to Form the Nest Sections

Separate the layers of cheesecloth and lay out a square one thickness of the cheesecloth.

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Fold Squares Into Triangles

Fold the square into a triangle and hold at the doubled raw edge.

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Finish the Section

Fold the opposite corners into the point and pinch together forming a pocket or balloon like shape.

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Place Each Nest Section

Secure the point with a straight pin and place it into the styrofoam ball. Continue folding up cheesecloth nest sections and placing them into the styrofoam ball in a random pattern, covering the entire surface.


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