Caterpillar 3116 Injector Tools

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The Caterpillar corporation has been a manufacturer of earth moving machines like bulldozers, graders, and track hoes for well over years. Their equipment has helped to build any number of American landmarks, and they are well known for the equipment that they produce. Modern Caterpillar equipment operates on diesel fuel delivered to the engine through a fuel injection system that injects the diesel on demand individually into each cylinder for maximum power and fuel efficiency. The Cat 3116 injector is one of the most common injector types, and there are a number of different specialty tools and procedures that can aid in the installation and calibration of the Cat 3116 injector.


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Injector Synchronization

One of the most commonly required specialty tools for Cat 3116 injectors is the synchronization tool. Cat 3116 injectors must be synchronized to work together whenever an injector is installed or replaced. The synchronization tool is basically a premeasured block that is installed between the number one cylinder injector and the engine block, at which point the second part of the synchronization tool, a dial caliper, is used. The dial caliper measures the run out between the remaining injectors, all of which have to be synchronized against the position of the number one injector to within a certain specification. These tools are essential for working with Cat 3116 injectors.


Removal Tools

Caterpillar also offers injector removal tools that are designed to pull the injectors out of the engine block without damaging the crucial smoothness of the injector mounting holes and without damaging the injectors themselves or the O-rings that keep them from leaking. The injector removal tools are designed like pliers with a soft head that allows the injector to be gripped around the body and gently rocked out of the injector mounting hole. In this way the injectors can be removed for rebuilding, testing or replacement services.


Rocker Arm Compression

The valves and rocker arms must be removed to replace Cat 3116 injectors, so a valve spring compression tool must be used. This tool compresses the valve springs and allows for their keepers to be removed, then the springs and rocker arms, which help to hold the fuel rail in place, can be removed as well. These tools are used in conjunction with pliers or other hand tools to remove and reinstall the valve springs, keeping them under pressure until the rocker arms are replaced.