20 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

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It's once again time to shower your loved one with chocolates, gifts and thoughtful cards. How exciting! Well, maybe not exactly exciting (more like painfully difficult), but being optimistic about buying gifts for Valentine's Day helps keep the panic that threatens at bay. Panic like, What should I get him this year? What if he hates it? Will it be too much? How will I know if he likes it? Fortunately, there's no need to stress. Here are 20 brilliant DIYs he'll love not only for how awesome they are, but also for the personal touch that comes with them.


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1. A Handcrafted Beer Caddy

Have a craft beer lover on your hands? Gift him a stylish way to transport his microbrews to the party or that long-awaited guy's weekend in the mountains. The mounted bottle opener on the side makes it convenient to crack one open as soon as you arrive at your destination.


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2. Crafty Cups from His Favorite Brews

He can't bear to part with the remnants of that delicious IPA he tried last week, but the empty bottles have just been sitting on the counter. Turn them into creative pieces of glassware — both a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift — then let the cocktails flow.


3. The Coolest Magnetic Bottle Opener

Not your run-of-mill bottle opener, this unique DIY gift serves double duty by giving your significant other a great party trick to perform for guests and keeping track of those pesky bottle caps for easy clean up. You can even get creative with the bottle opener, finding one that fits his personality.


4. Modern Storage for the Wine Connoisseur

Show your love by giving your guy a place to store his favorite wine. The cool, industrial-chic design is sure to be something he'll enjoy for many more vintages to come.



5. A Rustic Basket for the Biking Pragmatist

For the cycling boyfriend, this easy DIY bike basket gives him both a stylish and practical way to transport items to and from work. It will also come in handy for those quick grocery runs or weekend picnic ventures.


6. A Super Sharp Knife Display

If your guy loves to cook, give his kitchen space a rustic feel with this easy DIY magnetic knife rack. You'll help him free up some counter space with the creative and stylish vertical storage.


7. The Unorthodox Print

Gift a favorite photo of the two of you with a unique twist. Learn how to make an easy ink transfer, and he'll have a great way to display your favorite memories together.



8. Faux Clay Antlers

Gift your guy a hand-shaped ceramic antler piece to accent the rustic feel of his man cave. It's an easy, fun project and the final product will definitely be a conversation starter — even if it is just to question his sportsman abilities.

9. The Green Thumb’s Perfect Trophy

Is your guy a plant lover? Try making this easy Plexiglas display to showcase his favorite flora and fauna. It's a unique and creative piece that fits in either a contemporary or more traditional living space.

10. A Custom Peg Board Organizer

He'll never lose his keys again with this great DIY pegboard. Place it on his desk as a stylish catch-all for those things he's always misplacing. He'll thank you later.


11. Display Options for the Sports Fanatic

If your guy loves to collect sports memorabilia, gift him this awesome DIY corner-shelf solution where he can show off his favorite pieces. Functional and stylish, the blend of its natural and industrial appearance is sure to be a hit.

12. An Oversize Leather Initial

Show him he's "initially yours" with this DIY. This home accessory has an old-time smoking room feel to it, with its grained leather and nail head trim. Get creative and gift one of your initials and one of his, or his first and last, whichever works best. He'll have a great addition to his library for years to come.

13. Rustic Bookends for the Bookworm

Create some cool geometric bookends for the avid reader in your life. All you need is some reclaimed wood, and you'll have a great piece with character and texture he's sure to love.


14. Bookends Set in Stone

You can also try your hand at a more industrial design, with bookends made from concrete. They're quick drying and not as heavy as you might think — a great look for any bookshelf.

15. A Concealed Charging Station

Give the gift of this perfectly disguised charging station that is brilliant for the electronic-loving guy in your life. You can choose from wooden crates or an antique metal box — whichever captures the character of your much-loved techy.

16. A Giant Jenga Set

Does your boyfriend's inner-child love to play board games? Try making this DIY oversized Jenga game. It's a gift you can both use for a game/date night on Valentine's Day.

17. Easy-to-Make BBQ Sauce

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? Use this great recipe to create some scrumptious homemade BBQ sauce, and he'll be grilling non-stop with whatever he can muster up in the kitchen (a win for you, too!).

18. Homemade Pickles

Try some homemade dill pickles to put a little kick in his next burger. Add a handcrafted card with a slightly cheesy, but adorable, message like, "You're my pick!" or "You're kind of a big dill!" He'll not only have a good laugh, but he'll have a full belly, too.

19. Sporty Macarons

You can satisfy foodies who have more of a sweet tooth with this great decorating tip for the delectable French cookie — the macaron. Add some colorful flair with his favorite hobby or sports team insignia.

20. Handmade Gift Card Sleeve (For the Un-Giftable)

When in doubt, you can always give your difficult-to-buy-for guy a gift card to his favorite bar, restaurant, store, etc. Make it more personal by creating a handcrafted envelope to put it in. He'll be sure to love the cash to spend — and the thought that went into its presentation.


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