Feng Shui Tips for a Small Bedroom

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Clean up your bedroom first before applying feng shui principles to its arrangement.
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Feng shui practices maximize bedroom space by removing the clutter that impedes energy flow and hinders restful sleep. Feng shui philosophy and practices focus on the flow of chi -- life force energy -- throughout a home, a room or any space where you apply it. Imagine chi as if it were moving water to visualize how you can increase and enliven its flow in your space. And be sure to hide electronics, televisions and computers in armoires with doors that close. These elements bring too much yang, or male energy, into the bedroom, which can prevent a restful sleep.


Declutter the Space

When you sleep in a small, cluttered space, it contributes to stagnant or dead energy in the room. Don't store items under the bed, and take down pictures of family members on the walls in a bedroom. Don't hang up mirrors that face the bed, as they can amplify the energy in the room. If you need a mirror in the room for getting ready in the morning, angle a standing mirror away from the bed or hang it on the back of a closet door.


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The Command Bed Position

Place the bed so that its foot board doesn't face the door -- considered the death position in feng shui practices because those who die in a room are removed feet first. The best place for the bed is with the door at a diagonal to the bed. Don't position the bed in front of a window, but position it against a wall where you can see the door to the left or right at the bed beyond the feet. When the bed and the door are on the same wall, or the door is just opposite the bed, this hinders healthy, restful sleep.


Decor and Artwork

The key to successful bedroom artwork is to include items that inspire you and have personal meaning. Remove decor, artwork, mementos or accents that bring up memories of failed projects or relationships. Feng shui traditions suggest the use of live plants to increase prosperity and good luck and enhance personal growth. Choose plants with rounded leaves or flowers that reach upward for positive energy boosts. Round leaves have a more calming effect in a bedroom environment as opposed to plants with spiky leaves, which are more suitable for active spaces.


Computer Workspace

Move the computer workspace out of the bedroom completely if there's room for it elsewhere in your home. But if it must be in the bedroom, hide it and other electronics, such as not-in-use televisions or stereo equipment, behind the doors of an armoire, a curtain or a screen. Electronics emit yang energy, even when off, which can interfere with a good night's sleep.


Less Is More

The idea behind feng shui is to arrange the room in such a way that it promotes balance, harmony and well-being. A minimalist approach works best to energize a small bedroom. Clean, simple furnishings, clutter-free dresser and nightstand tops, and subdued lighting help create a calming effect in the bedroom -- with relaxation and restoration at the top of the list.


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