13 Cheap & Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Have a very DIY Halloween with our roundup of quirky, creative and downright easy costume ideas for grown-ups.

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OK, so it's a week (or even a few hours) before your Halloween party (or your trick-or-treating outing with the kids), and you have nothing to wear. Never fear! We've got you covered when it comes to DIY Halloween costumes and last-minute creations. In fact, we've rounded up a list of easy Halloween costume ideas for adults from creative social media makers to help you get inspired, whether you're a fan of quirky designs or slightly more classic options.


These creative costumes are budget-friendly too, so you don't have to break the bank just to win the costume contest. Many of the selections on our list can easily come to life using items you already have in your closet (or pieces you can snag from the thrift store). You'll find a mix of quick and easy options alongside more involved creations.

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Gather a few simple crafting materials, peruse our picks and get DIYing to create the homemade costume of your dreams, whether or not it's last-minute!

1. Last-Minute Grapes Costume

You're sure to get a ‌bunch‌ of compliments when you rock this last-minute Halloween costume. TikToker @gwizzle_ shows off an easy and decidedly affordable (the entire finished product cost just $10) grapes costume made with purple balloons, a simple long-sleeve black top and safety pins. Pair with black leggings and you're ready to go!


2. Colorful Artist Costume

If you're an artsy type, you'll appreciate this easy and straightforward artist costume from @upstyledaily on TikTok that calls for nothing more than a white apron, cardboard, a pool noodle, black pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, colorful felt and and plenty of hot glue. The result is a wholesome and vibrant "paint-splattered" artist outfit complete with an oversize paintbrush. So cute!


When in doubt, add a headband!

Need a last-minute costume idea? Consider our Halloween headband DIY, which shows you how to craft a witch's hat, pumpkin stem headband or cat ears!

3. Trendy Aperol Spritz Costume

The Aperol spritz trend is super sweet, so why not turn it into a Halloween costume? TikToker @kuchenkeitel offers a quick tutorial for transforming a few simple clothing items into a unique and colorful Aperol spritz get-up. She uses dried orange slices, an orange tutu, red leggings, an orange sweater and fun accessories, like orange-themed earrings, to create one of the cutest costumes we've seen.


4. Jurassic Park Couples Costume

Dressing up with a partner? Here's a couples costume option (expertly demonstrated by Instagrammer @modernjunecleaver) that you can probably throw together with clothing you already have in your closet—plus, you'll get to pretend you're exploring Jurassic Park! Pay homage to doctors Ellie Satler and Alan Grant by pairing light-colored shorts with simple button-downs, belts and accessories to match the movie.



5. Ice Cream Sundae Costume

This ice cream sundae costume from TikToker @facciolita is delightful on every level—and so easy to create at home. Keep it simple by decking out a plain white dress or white T-shirt with construction paper "sprinkles" and then make a paper headband to resemble an ice cream cone or cherry. Try different colors (think: a light pink or red dress to represent strawberry ice cream) and add more "toppings" with a hot glue gun. Easy-peasy!


6. Buzzy Beekeeper Costume

Take a cue from Instagrammer @hellorubydoodle and include your four-legged best friend in the Halloween costume planning process! This easy yet incredibly creative beekeeper costume is made with simple netting sewn to a white hat and a few felt bees. Dress up your dog (or your spouse) in a bee costume and you have a DIY Halloween costume to impress the whole hive.


7. Sweet Strawberry Costume

If you love food-themed costumes as much as we do, you'll certainly appreciate this superbly sweet strawberry costume from Instagrammer @jenniferheal. Recreate the look at home with painted poster board (acrylic or spray paint would work just fine), felt or construction paper seeds, cut-out green leaves and string to tie the sandwich board-style costume together. Jennifer completed the look with an adorable beaded strawberry purse, a red tank top and green hair ribbons.

8. Gumball Machine Costume

Keeping with the food theme, our next DIY costume idea is this charming gumball machine ensemble from Instagrammer @mattxsemler. This awesome costume is pretty much the definition of low cost, high reward. You'll simply glue rainbow pompoms to a white T-shirt or garment of your choice and then pair with a red beanie. Don't forget the coin slot and cardboard quarter to complete the look!


9. Cute or Creepy Gnome Costume

Gnomes are whimsical, quirky and just a little bit odd, which makes them perfect for a Halloween costume. The gnome costume created by @zagarnaut on TikTok is simple, calling for a denim dress and hat, an apron and a picnic basket. If you want to give your gnome get-up a slightly creepy twist, take a cue from @zagarnaut by adding a (plastic!) knife to your picnic basket and showing up to the costume party as a scary gnome.

10. Mix Tape Costume

Wish you could go back to the '80s? We don't quite have time travel technology (yet), but we can celebrate the past with fun DIY Halloween costumes like this '80s mix tape outfit from Instagrammer @sassyfitgirl. If you have poster board (or a large broken-down cardboard box), markers and a bit of ribbon, you can throw together this 'fit in no time.

11. Classic Pumpkin Costume

We'd be remiss not to include a Halloween classic: the pumpkin costume! TikToker @mikandcookies shows off the process for this DIY gem, which requires ample time and might not quite qualify as a last-minute costume idea. But if you have sewing skills and some patience, you can create a puffy and downright boo-tiful costume. Wear a black dress with tights or leggings underneath and take it to the next level by adding orange and green face paint!

12. Mean Girls Costume

This just might be the most wonderfully low-effort last-minute Halloween costume imaginable, demonstrated perfectly by @sweetsherripie_ on Instagram. Dress up like beloved character Damien from ‌Mean Girls‌ with a blue hoodie, sunglasses and a sign that reads, "She doesn't even go here." You're sure to get loads of laughs—and no one has to know you planned your costume three minutes before your Uber to the party arrived.

13. Beloved TV Characters Costumes

Last but not least, turn to your favorite TV characters for a little inspiration. Our TikTok DIY shows you how to throw together last-minute costumes for Eddie Munson from ‌Stranger Things‌, Kate Sharma from ‌Bridgerton‌ and Wednesday Addams from ‌Wednesday‌.

And with that, you have 13 totally unique homemade Halloween costume ideas for adults. Pair these creations with kids' outfits to create fun family costumes while trick-or-treating or coordinate with pals to design out-of-the-box group costumes. No matter how you choose to dress this Halloween, we hope you let creativity be your guide!

Need trick-or-treat bags to go with those costumes? Check out our tutorial for easy DIY felt Halloween bags!


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