Types of Commercial Building Exteriors

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There are a large number of possibilities for commercial building exteriors.

Commercial businesses use different building exterior types than family homes. Rather than present a comfortable, homey look required in residential homes, commercial buildings need to be durable and look professional. There are many types of exteriors for commercial buildings, varying based on durability and material as well as the look of the design.


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Mortarless Brick Veneer

Mortarless brick veneer exteriors offer a clean and professional look. These exteriors are durable and will withstand small impacts and weather damage better than other brick materials. Unlike mortared brick, mortarless brick veneer does not require a skilled masonry contractor for installation, which lowers the price, according to ToolBase Services.


Synthetic Stone or Brick

The downside to real stone or brick is that it can break upon impact. Synthetic stone or brick facades won't break nearly as easily and they look just like the real stonework material. Synthetics are also flame resistant and waterproof. Choose this commercial building façade if you want a cozy stone look without the maintenance problems.


Fiber-Cement Siding

Since fiber-cement siding is reminiscent of classic exterior residential siding, this look is good for commercial businesses that want to show themselves as comfortable and personal. Fiber-cement siding consists of rough sand and cement with fiber mixed in to improve durability. It resembles wood while lasting much longer than traditional wood siding.


Exterior Insulation Finishing System

Known as EIFS for short, exterior insulation finishing systems combine insulation and finishing coats to provide a synthetic stucco look to commercial exterior design. This method adds extra insulation to the building, improving energy efficiency. The exterior finish of EIFS is rough to the touch and can accommodate many colors and finish options.


Split-Face Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks have been split during production to create the rough look of split-face concrete block exteriors. These concrete masonry units come in many colors and have the durability of concrete several inches thick. Split-face concrete blocks provide an old-fashioned look similar to Romanesque buildings of the mid to late nineteenth century, according to ToolBase Services.



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