What Kind of Pen Writes on Wax Paper?

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Wax paper is a staple in the kitchen for cooking and food storage due to its moisture-proof and non-stick qualities. Wax paper is also a great material for arts and crafts projects. The non-stick nature of wax paper, however, can make it difficult to write on. There are a few types of writing utensil that will mark on wax paper.


Permanent Marker

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Permanent ink markers will write on wax paper, although until the ink is fully dry it will still smear on the paper. Similarly, dry erase markers will mark on wax paper but will become more permanent if left to dry. An interesting art project using wax paper and permanent or dry-erase markers is to tape a piece of wax paper over a picture and copy the image onto the wax paper. Use fine-tip permanent marker to trace outlines and broad tip permanent markers to fill in larger areas of color.

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Inkless pen

While you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to use a regular ballpoint pen to write on wax paper, you can still use a pen to mark on the wax paper. Remove the ink stem from the pen and use the top of the pen's barrel to etch words or pictures onto the wax paper. You can also use a toothpick or any pointy object to write on the wax paper. This method will leave white lines on the surface of the paper.



Oil paints will adhere to wax paper. Finger paint or tempera paint can also be used to create art on wax paper. However, even if you allow the finger paint to dry on the wax paper, it will eventually separate and peel off. One way to create a permanent work of art with finger paint and wax paper is to mix glue with the paint and allow a child to use their fingers to spread the paint around the wax paper. Put another piece of wax paper on top of the first piece with the paint on it. Once dry, these can be cut out and hung in a bright window as homemade sun-catchers.



Crayon can be used to mark on wax paper, but not in the traditional way you would use a crayon. Unwrap several crayons and use a knife to cut small shavings from the crayons. Sprinkle the shavings onto a piece of wax paper and cover it with a second sheet of wax paper. Place a paper towel over the wax paper and iron it with a clothes iron. The shavings between the wax paper will melt, creating a stained-glass appearance and adhering the pieces of wax paper together. Cut different shapes out of the wax paper and hang as ornaments on a Christmas tree or in a window as a sun-catcher.



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