Spider Control with Chestnuts

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Deter household spiders with chestnuts.

In the home, spiders play an important role in controlling the population of unwanted pests like moths and flies. Even though spiders can be helpful, many homeowners dislike having them around. If you would like to rid your home of spiders but do not want to use toxic chemicals, try utilizing a natural, homemade spider-control method. Chestnuts are an excellent natural spider repellent that get rid of spiders in your home without putting your pets or children at risk of chemical exposure.


Chestnuts vs Commercial Insecticides

Commercial insecticide sprays contain toxic chemicals that are very effective in killing off unwanted insects but they can also harm children and pets. Many commercial insecticides contain neurotoxins like organophosphates and carbamates that poison the nervous system of pests like spiders, roaches and ants. These substances can harm young children, even fetuses developing in the womb. Poison-free insect control methods like chestnuts can be just as effective in getting rid of unwanted pests without putting children and pets at risk. Chestnuts leave no residual chemicals on surfaces in your home, and they are a natural substance.


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Chestnuts Repel Spiders

There are many common foods and household items that can be used as insect repellents. Chestnuts, for example, are widely known to be effective in repelling spiders. The natural oil in chestnuts repel spiders naturally, making them perfect for home use. To use chestnuts as a spider deterrent, place the fresh nuts near the baseboards bordering the rooms in your home. You may also place them on windowsills and near doors to keep spiders from entering the home in these locations.


Use Chestnuts More Effectively

Before sprinkling chestnuts throughout your home you should do some basic cleaning to make the treatment as effective as possible. Vacuum your closets and basement and sweep out your attic and crawlspaces. Doing so will not only get rid of any existing webs but it will help to prevent spiders from building nests in these areas. Seal cracks and crevices to prevent spiders from entering your home and regularly spray the eaves and ledges of your home with a hose to remove any spider nests. Combined with the use of chestnuts in your home, these methods can be very effective in repelling spiders.


Combine Chestnuts with Other Spider Repellents

If you are experiencing a spider infestation, combine several methods of spider control to increase the efficacy. In combination with sprinkling chestnuts throughout your home, these substances can help to rid your home of spiders. Tobacco is a pungent substance that, like chestnuts, repels spiders naturally. Lemon and other citrus fruits are also natural spider repellents. Combine your use of chestnuts with the use of citrus cleaning products to repel spiders while keeping your home smelling fresh.



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