What Can I Put on the Legs of Kitchen Chairs So That They Slide Better?

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Chairs that sit on wood floors, carpeting or vinyl floors should move smoothly across the floor when you move them to sit down or stand up from the table. When chairs are harder to move, it makes it difficult to maneuver the chair into the right position so you can sit comfortably. There are many leg coverings that will provide a smooth move.


Felt Glides

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Felt glides have felt on the bottom. The glides are attached to the bottom of the chair leg using a nail that is already embedded in the glide. The felt glides work on wood, ceramic and vinyl floors, but not on carpet. You use one felt glide on each leg of the chair. Another type of felt glide is one that has a opening to fit over the chair leg instead of nailing the glide to the leg.

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Metal Glides

Metal glides or metal swivel glides are ideal for carpeted floors. Metal glides have different ways to attach to the chair leg. Some have an opening which the chair leg slips into. Other metal glides will attach with an embedded nail or screw. The metal glides usually fit right over worm out glides on the kitchen chair.


Nylon Glides

Nylon glides will slip over the leg of the chair or over the worn out glide already on the kitchen chair. Nylon glides work on carpeting, but would scratch wood floors. The hard nylon is not safe to use on vinyl floors.


Plastic or Rubber Glides

Plastic or rubber glides are meant for use on thin carpeting. If you have a long weave carpet, plastic or rubber glides may make it harder to move the kitchen chair. Plastic or rubber leg glides come in square or round shapes so you can use them on any shape of chair leg. These glides slide onto the bottom of the chair leg.


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