Are Chlorine Tablets Safe for a Toilet?

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Chlorine tablets provide a way to clean a toilet regularly every time you flush, as do bleach-based tablets. Liquid chlorine and bleach have the same chemical properties, according to the pool supply website Drop-in tank tablets can pose risks to your health, making the use of non-chlorine or bleach cleaners that attach to the inside of the toilet's bowl a safer choice.

Pool Tablets

Chlorine tablets that are designed for use in a swimming pool contain much more chlorine than you need for your toilet's tank and bowl. Using a pool chlorine table to cleanse the water in your toilet's tank and avoid stains in the bowl could lead to other problems. With such little water to dissolve the chlorine, anyone using the toilet or even in the bathroom may experience trouble breathing, since high concentrations of chlorine in a small amount of water may produce a noxious gas from the water, according to the pool supply site Using tablets that are designed for a toilet will not put your health at risk just from using the toilet.

Effects of Use

Cleaning tablets that sit in toilets that are not flushed on a regular basis will create a problem as the cleaner continues to dissolve in the tank's water. The amount of cleaner in the water will accumulate beyond the amount expected in a toilet that is flushed regularly, potentially putting off fumes from the tank or the bowl once you do flush the toilet.

Additional Cleaners

When you use drop-in tablets in your toilet's tank, you must be cautious about other cleaners you use in the toilet's bowl. The tablet cleaners will help keep the bowl cleaner than normal, but you will still need to use a regular bowl cleaner. If you are using a tablet that has chlorine in it, you absolutely cannot use other chemicals in the toilet since an explosive reaction may occur. With tablets that have bleach in them, you cannot use cleaners with acid or ammonia in them or the mixture will produce a deadly gas.

Worn Parts

Chlorine and bleach are harsh cleaners, which will lead to other problems with the toilet. The harshness of the drop-in tablet will wear out parts in your toilet's tank prematurely, such as the flapper valve that covers the tank's drain hole or the washers that sit under the bolts securing the tank to the bowl. Worn parts will lead to a leaking tank, resulting in an increased water bill, or problems with the tank filling with water. Replacing parts in the toilet on a more regular basis increases the cost of operating the toilet.