What Are the Benefits of Using Pine Nuggets Vs. Mulch?

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Pine nuggets add beauty to the landscape.

Gardeners use mulch to inhibit weeds and help soil to retain moisture and nutrients. Many different materials can be used for mulching -- organic materials such as wood chips or straw and inorganic materials such as rubber and plastic. Pine nuggets are a favored mulching material that have several advantages over other traditional mulches.



Many homeowners choose pine nuggets largely for their appearance. The nuggets have a rich, dark brown color that has aesthetic appeal. They are also available in large and small nugget sizes.


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Low Maintenance

Straw, leaves and other organic mulch materials need to be raked or stirred to aerate the mulch. As they decompose, the mulch begins to compact. The size and irregular shape of pine nuggets allow air to flow through the mulch more freely without stirring.


Long Lasting

Pine nuggets break down slower than other types of organic mulch, which saves homeowners money because they don't have to replace the mulch as often. Additionally, unless they are washed away by rain, pine bark nuggets generally stay where you put them, unlike leaves or grass clippings.



Some pine nugget mulches are dyed to enhance the color or contrast with the surrounding landscape. These organic dyes may run off when it rains, staining nearby walkways. Newly dyed mulch is likely to stain if the mulch is still moist. Once it dries, the color should not run.



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