Things to Make With Crown Royal Bags

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Crown Royal customers have found some inventive uses for the purple and gold bags that come with each standard-sized bottle of the Canadian whiskey. Crown Royal's purple and gold whiskey bag started as a sort of gift-wrapping to present the whiskey to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England, upon their arrival in Canada. The packaging idea stuck and Crown Royal is still being distributed this way. About 50,000 bags are created each year for packaging and you can use them in several types of projects.



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Use clothing patterns to turn Crown Royal bags into wearable items. Simple garments to make can even be doe with minimal sewing skills. Items like shirts, ties, belts and skirts can be simple enough for beginners. Just rip out the stitching of the Crown Royal bag on one side and sew the panels of several bags together to make a complete piece of fabric. If you have advanced sewing skills, try bathing suits, pants, jackets and even dresses.

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Make bedding with Crown Royal bags to decorate a girl's room, minus the logo, or for an adult bedroom, with the logo. Remove the stitching in the bags and create quilts, pillows or pillow cases by sewing the pieces back together to create larger areas of fabric. Quilts can be backed with layer of fleece or flannel and the pillows can be stuffed with cotton batting. If you are making pillow cases for pillows you already have, use a pattern to make sure the pillows will fit. Use the gold drawstring to add decorative piping around stuffed pillows.



Use Crown Royal bags to decorate your home, car or bar. Make curtains by sewing panels of the bags together and following a pattern or simply sewing a single panel with an open-ended hem at the top, to slide over a curtain rod. Sew the panels over an existing lamp shade or make a decorative cover for your bar's pool table. If the headliner in your car is sagging, rip out the old fabric and adhere the panels of Crown Royal bags to the interior roof of your car with heavy duty spray adhesive.



Fill the bags with dry potpourri to make decorative air fresheners for hanging over your rear-view car mirror. Make a purse with two or more bags sewn together. Use the drawstrings as handles. Sew one panel into a 2-inch wide, 7-inch long strip and attach the ends with a short length of elastic to wear as a headband. Remove the front and back panels from a Crown Royal bag and sew them to each other without the side and bottom strip to create a cellphone or mp3 player case.



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