Pens That Will Write on Acrylic Paint

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Glitter pens work well on acrylic paints, as the color darkens once dry.

Painting with acrylic is considered less expensive than painting with oil. Different devices are needed to write on each of these two types of paints. Acrylic is a derivative of plastic, and a synthetic resin emulsified in water contains its pigments in suspension. For writing on acrylic paint, you need a special pen.

Uni Posca Glitter Pen Individual Colours

Uni Posca Glitter Pen uses water-based ink. It is similar to the classic Uni Posca, but its glitter gives a sparkling effect. It writes on plastic and acrylic, it's odor-free and it's not toxic, so children can use it.

Sakura Glaze Gel Ink Pen

Use the Sakura Glaze Gel Ink Pen if you want your project to appear embossed. This gel ink has a 3-D effect when dry. It is used for art projects and to write on plastic, metal and ceramic. You can choose from a wide range of colors.

Sakura Souffle Gel Ink Pen

The Sakura Souffle Gel Ink Pen gives the same 3-D effect as the Glaze Gel. It writes effectively on dark and light surfaces. Its ink, which is more opaque, works on plastic, coated papers, acetate, vellum and glass.

Pilot Latte Gel Ink Pen

Vibrant colors and the ability to write on dark surfaces are some of the characteristics of the Pilot Latte Gel Ink Pen. This pen can write on a large range of surfaces, including plastic.

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